Wednesday, March 13, 2013

-March Update-

Hello Fellow Ramones Fans,

Just An Update. First, Posting Has Been Irregular. This Is Because I Was Working On A New Website, Which I'll Get To In A Second.

Secondly, I'm Running Low On Concerts For Public Distribution. I Still Have A Lot Of Recordings To Post, However. Let Me Know What You Would Like To See In The Future.

Finally, The New Website Is A Ramones Concert Trading Website. I've Thought About It For A While, And I Feel It Would Be An Excellent Place For My Rare Concerts To Be Held. The Website Has A Complete And Updated Concert Listing, Showing Every Song They Played In Every Concert I Have. My Goal As Of Now Is To Hold On To My Rare Recordings Until I Get More, Which I Will Eventually Post. In The Meantime, Not Much Will Change On This Website.

Link To New Site:

I Hope You Check Out The Site, Even Just To Look At The Concert Listing. If Anything There Catches Your Eye, E-Mail Me About It. In Some Cases I'll Just Publicly Post The Concert.

I Know Some Of My Website Users Won't Like This Idea/Decision, But It's The Only Way I Can See As Of Now To Keep Expanding My Collection. Like I Said, Once I Get A High Majority Of Ramones Recordings, This Will Be The Place Where They Are Posted.

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  1. 1995-10-04 Estadio Obras (I need this show please Mario)

  2. more of '83-'84 would be great !

    1. and '87(Richie era) would much appreciated