Saturday, February 9, 2013

92-09-19 Obras Stadium - Buneos Aires, Argentina

The Ramones
Live At Obras Stadium
Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 19, 1992

NOTE: Lip Singing + Interview. Video Only.
Also, I Have Completed Restoring Every Ramones Concert On My Website. After Some Of The Links Expire, Re-Uploading Will Be On By Request Basis.

Track Listing:
1. Censorshit
2. Take It As It Comes
3. -Interview-
4. Poison Heart

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  1. Congrats, Mario! A major accomplishment, in record time! Thanks so, so very much for all your efforts.

    Zippyshare has been working flawlessly for me, and so far I've been able to open everything, with one exception:

    85-06-24 Dublin T.V. Club - Dublin, Ireland

    It downloads, but for some reason, it's coming up as an unrecognizable file type, and doesn't behave like an rar.

    Starting sometime next week (we just had a blizzard) I'll be going trough everything and checking it against what I have in my archives on cassette and vhs, and if I have any of the shows you're looking for, I'll let you know right away. I think I might have the full 77-7-17 Liberty Hall audio somewhere. The tapes are obviously quite old, and I've been meaning to transfer them to mp3s and mp4s for ages, before they deteriorate, but there's just been no time with work, etc. I will now make time, as you have.

    Many, many thanks again! We salute you ('cause we're about to rock)!


    1. Thanks For Letting Me Know About That Concert. I'll Re-Upload That Within The Next Half Hour. Also, If You Do Find Anything I Need, It Would Be Very Appreciated!

      Nice Salute! Haha. Thanks Again.

  2. Pretty Strange To Watch A Ramones Play Back Show !!!!
    Even Joey Looks He Didn't Enjoy It Much.
    Thanks Mariobrother.

    1. Yeah, It Looked Like He Was Pissed Off Or Something. A Cool Part Of Ramones History!

  3. Greeting from chile, pretty stuff¡¡¡¡¡

  4. This is from a Tv Show in Argentina, called "Hacelo Por Mi."