Saturday, July 7, 2012

92-09-16 Obras Sanitarias Stadium - Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Ramones
Live At Obras Stadium
Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 16, 1992

Note: Video Footage Included.

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Durango 95
3. Teenage Lobotomy
4. Psycho Therapy
5. Blitzkrieg Bop
6. Do You Remember Rock & Roll Radio?
7. I Believe In Miracles
8. Gimmie Gimmie Shock Treatment
9. Rock & Roll High School
10. I Wanna Be Sedated
11. Censorshit
12. I Wanna Live
13. Bonzo Goes To Bitburg
14. Commando
15. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
16. Rockaway Beach
17. Pet Semetary
18. I Wanna Be Well
19. Glad To See You Go
20. Take It As It Comes
21. Animal Boy
22. Wart Hog
23. California Sun
24. Cretin Hop (Aborted Start)
25. Judy Is A Punk
26. Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World
27. Pinhead
28. -Encore Chant-
29. Chinese Rock
30. Somebody Put Something In My Drink
31. We're A Happy Family
32. -Encore Chant-
33. Strength To Endure
34. Beat On The Brat


  1. Thanks brother!
    Can you re-upload these shows?:
    76-07-04 The Roundhouse - London, England
    88-06-15 Brixton Academy - London, England
    89-02-10 Arena Auditorium - Valencia, Spain
    94-05-18 Obras Sanitarias Stadium - Buenos Aires, Argentina

    1. Sure. Check The Separate Pages In About A Half-Hour.

  2. Thank You Very Much Mariobrother !!!

  3. I downloaded the vid but it's not working

  4. worked ok for me just wish it was full dvd and flac files (wink wink)
    try vlc if you dont as it worked fine in that
    and thank you mario great job you do i dont mind the mp3s or avis if i dont have it im glad to get it so a big thank you from me to you

    1. I Could Upload The .Vob Files, But It Would Be At Least A 15 Part Download Or More. I'm Making Less Links For Convenience. If You Want The .Vob's I'll Upload Them.

  5. Would love the vob files + flac
    but its up to you your the one who as to upload them
    i collect RAMONES shows so if i can get it in FLAC i will ditch the mp3 unless its a differant recording same with mp4/avi/mpg as soon as i can get the full dvd its bye bye to them shity formats
    but im happy just to get another show so thank you

  6. Thanks for this.
    could you please re-upload the rest of the swedish shows?

  7. MPEG Videos I do not run

  8. Can you upload all the sbd shows?

    1. Both but start with audio please

      Thanks for the reply :)

  9. Hello mario great job your doing
    will you be updateing all the megaupload links? i do hope so as i missed so many shows all the best gabba gabba hey

    1. Any Show That You Want In Particular? I Upload By Request So Let Me Know What You Want.