Saturday, April 28, 2012

April Update

Hello Ramones Fans,

I Have Posted Almost Every Audio Concert From My Collection, And The Few Other Audio Files I Had Laying Around.

My Goal Was To Last Until May 2012, Which I Did. But This Isn't The End.

A Much Faster Internet Service Is Coming In My Area, Meaning I Can Upload Video Concerts Much Easier. When I Get The Faster Internet, I Will Post All Of The Videos I Have Been Saving.

In The Meantime, What Would You Like To See? I Could Upload Pictures, A Bit More Solo Stuff, And Maybe A Few Rare Concerts I Have Found Over The Past Year. Let Me Know In The Comments Below Or By E-Mail.

Normal Posting Will Resume Tomorrow (April 29) With Whatever Requests You Have.



  1. I discovered your site lately, so I have the mu link I see are not my friends.
    My request will be that the ramones big wheel started turning again from the begining to the end until the mediafire replaced the mus, but I am not reasonable (I know).
    So I have a request for the mediafire link to :
    76-05-20 The Club - Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.
    Yes, I'm started with the begining.
    Mediafire is a very secure thing, I never had any problem with it, for example in the twilightzone-rideyourpony site that I like for the 50's music (the surfin bird area).
    Sorry for the huge wish !
    Thanks for your great work !

  2. I would appreciate more stuff from 1983 to 1987, does a recording excits of Richie's last show?

    1. The Last Recording With Richie That I know Exists Is 1987-07-23 At The RPM In Toronto. He Only Played 2 Or 3 More Shows After That Before He Quit.

  3. Hallo Mariobrother,
    First Of All,Thanks A Million For What You Offered To Us So Long Now.
    Now,I Guess More Solo Stuff & Rare Concerts Would Be Great To Follow.

  4. Audio 1995-10-04 Obras Stadium - Buenos Aires, Argentina???

  5. Well this isn't a show but i have a photo of johnny ramone when he went to university

  6. Hi I saw the 25-2-1985 Lyceum London comments could you please please upload the full?