Friday, February 17, 2012

Wanted Concerts

For The New Year, I'm Going To Start A List Of Concerts Which I Would Love To Have. If You Have Or Know Of Where To Find The Following Concerts, It Would Be Greatly Appreciated.

Current Want List:
1978-12-01 Swing Auditorium - San Bernardino, California, USA (Opened For Sabbath)
1987-01-03 City Gardens - Trenton, New Jersey, USA
1988-01-29 Austin, Texas, USA
1988-01-30 Back Room - Austin, Texas, USA
1988-03-24 Wave Street - Staten Island, New York, USA
1988-05-03 RPM - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1989-10-09 Town & Country Club - London, England (Complete)
1989-11-11 Selinas - Sydney, Australia
1989-12-14 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1992-06-12 Albert Tardiff Hall - Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
1994-08-12 Lulu's - Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
1995-11-27 Coops Coliseum - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

1) Any Concert With Either The Following Songs: 
I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement
Loudmouth (1987-1996)
I Don't Want You (1981-1996)
Carbona Not Glue
2) Any Rare Song Of The Time Era (Such As "You're Gonna Kill That Girl" In 1981)



  2. Hey Mario,
    Do You Know If A Live Version Of The Track "Ramona" Exist ???
    Keep Up The Great Work.

  3. Not That I Know Of. A Few Years Put Together A 134 Song Collection Of Every Known Song They Did Live, And Ramona Was Not On It. He Had A Bigger Collection Than Me.

    That Was Where I Got It, You Can't Download It Anymore Because Of Mega Upload Shut Down.

    Who Knows, Maybe Someone Still Has That Recording With "Ramona" Sitting In Their Basement Waiting To Be Transferred.

  4. Thanks For The Info Mario.
    Now,Is It Any Chance Of Posting Here This 134 Song Collection ???
    By The Time I Read It,I Found Myself Losing Sleep !!!

  5. Just imagine how many unseen private recordings there might still be!

    1. The Mystery Of What Could Be Found Is Amazing, Anyone With Rares From 1981-1984 Better Start Posting Soon!

  6. Gabba Gabba Hey!! I think I can help you with that Ritz show on 1/2/1988, just let me know how to get it to you. Do you have 8/29/1981 or 4/17/1982? If so, could you post them? Keep up the great work you are doing!!

    1. Hey, Thanks For The Offer! Zippyshare Or Mediafire will work.
      As For Those Concerts, No Known Recording Exists Of Them.

  7. Hey, I have a part of the show in Brighton, UK, 1986-05-07, the first 15 songs, if you want. Do you have a Dropbox or a Soulseek account? If you want, find APF in Soulseek and take it.

  8. I've found this on the guitar site : ramones 1995-07-08 lummen video not listed here I believe.
    If you're interested, try rehabily at avaxhome music for numerous bands heavily influenced by the Ramones
    Cheers and thanks again

  9. Hey Mario. First I must thank you for your work. At second - I want to ask you to search a 88-12-31 - IRVING PLAZA, NEW YORK. There were a lot of conflicts with police before, or after shot, I heard. Thanks!