Friday, January 20, 2012

Mega Upload Taken Down

Hey All Ramones Fans,

Mega Upload Was Taken Down By United States Authorities Thursday Evening.
Meaning ALL Links On This Blog Are Not Working.
Unfortunately, This Means My Project Of Uploading My Whole Collection For The Public Has Completely Failed.

Any Suggestions Of What To Do Next Would Be Appreciated.
Also, If I'm Moving To A New Upload Site, Which One Would You Recommend?

Sorry For The Inconvenience, I Will Decide Within The Next Few Days What I Will Be Doing For The Future.

Please Comment Below Or E-mail Me:



  1. Hi Mario,
    This Megaupload Mess Is A Total Disaster For Many Many Blogs Around.
    It s Very Sad For All Your Work Till Today But I Think The Better You Have To Do Is To Continue Your Vision With Another Filhost Server.
    I Guess Is The Best Way For Future Posts.
    Keep The Old Posts As Archives Of The Blog (I m Sure Everyone Who Loves Ramones Already Got Them) And Go Further As I Mention Before.
    Don t Let Anyone Beat Our Happy Moments In This Short Short Life We Live !

  2. Thanks For The Advice, I Will Try That Website. I'm Thinking To Re-Upload Old Files By Request, And I'll Continue Posting Other Concerts As Normal.

  3. Yes Mario,
    I m Sure You Made The Right Decision !!!
    I Totaly Agree About The Requests.
    Thank You Very Much.

  4. I use spreads the music to as many upload sites as possible keeps people having choices where to get it from

  5. Please upload Don Kirshner's rock concert.

  6. Check The Link In A Few Hours.


  7. i know how you feel^^
    i had a thread on Metallica Jump in the Fire Bootleg Forum with the most metallica bootlegs, but they're all gone now (well, of course i got the files, the links are gone^^) over 2200 files gone XD