Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dee Dee Ramone 94-06-27 Edinburgh, UK

Dee Dee Ramone
Live At The Venue
Edinburgh, UK
June 27, 1994

Track Listing:
1. Chinese Bitch
2. Chinese Rock
3. I Don't Wanna Get Involved With You
4. All's Quiet On The Eastern Front
5. That's What Everybody Else Does
6. I'm Making Monsters For My Friends
7. We're A Creepy Family
8. I Hate Creeps Like You
9. Main Man
10. Time Bomb
11. Bad Little Go-Go Girl
12. I Wanna Live
13. Don't Look In My Window
14. Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World
15. I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You
16. 53'rd & 3'rd
17. Born To Lose
18. Listen To My Heart
19. Pretty Little Baby
20. Have You Seen The Light?
21. Poison Heart
22. Chatterbox
23. Johnny B. Goode

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  1. Thank you again. Dee Dee albums are so great, rockin' irony and a different style than with the ramones. Could this one be re-up ?

  2. Mario, your blog has been a source for me on the last few months. I'd love to send you a vert big thank you all the way from Brazil! Also, I read your message about requesting uploads, so yes, I'd love to request you upload more Dee Dee stuff, I am specially looking for demos, if you have any, or SBD show! thanks again, Luciano